Best Drawing Tablet For Mac Review In 2020

There are many tablets in the market nowadays, so it might be tricky to pick the best drawing tablet for mac in the market. However, getting the right one is also a bit tricky, so it is about time to do homework and shop for the right one.

Knowing what the features that you want in a tablet are is one of the things that you need to specify. This is also an important thing that you should be concerned about.

Choose The Best Drawing Tablet for Mac On The Market

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For those that are looking for best drawing tablet for mac which is medium or expert level drawing tablet that produces extra features that a beginner tablet can offer, you will need to take additional time to consider what the tablet can provide to you for your gaming or drawing experience.

Find The Best Drawing Tablet for Mac Products

Wacom Intuos Pro Digital Graphic Drawing Tablet for Mac or PC, Medium, (PTH660) New Model

Today, cartoonists and other comic artists are no longer using traditional pen and paper to draw their illustrations.

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Nowadays, artists are using Wacom Intous Pro drawing tablets that are more accurate and economical. These tablets give amazing results to the user.

If you are new to digital drawings, you need to understand more about graphics tablets and research on which drawing software is the best for yourself.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or an experienced comic artist, you need to get the right tools for your digital art. You also need to know what software you need – or don’t need.

One of the best digital tablets for comic art is the Wacom Intuos Pro .

It has excellent new features that outshine other tablets. It is an incredible tablet, especially if you need a larger tablet for special projects that require space.

If you have never bought a tablet or a Wacom tablet, this is the best time to buy one.

Wacom Intuos Pro Drawing Tablet Overview

The Wacom Intuos Pro tablet is a flexible tablet for old and new users. For those that have used Wacom before, this tablet is no alien. However, for those that have never used this one before, it is an excellent time to try out this tablet.

Even though it has extra features, it has still maintained the reputation of Wacom devices. It is a tablet that gives you the ability to produce excellent results for your work.

It is designed to produce quality work and allows the user to reach his maximum creativity level.

The drawing tablet can be used for experts and artists for all sorts of artistic work. It is designed by experts who know what the digital art industry is all about.

A Large Surface For Everyone To Draw On

So whether you are looking for a tablet for drawing as a hobby or a professional that wants to use the tablet for picture editing or animation illustration – This Intuos Pro Tablet is the best tablet you can get in the market.

It is large enough to be used in whichever profession that you are in. Teenagers can use it to adults. People using it either use if for fun or professional purposes.

The texture on the Wacom is tough. A taste that most artists love and crave.

It is a nice feeling when the artists draw on the tablet as it feels like he is drawing on a piece of paper. Although the pen-nib wears out fast, it still lets the artists feel at home.

Many digital artists know the Wacom brand. It is a brand name that has been accepted by many professional works.

The new Intuos Pro now has a modern, sleek design, and it is acceptable for special drawing duties. Even though the tablet is large, it is still much thinner than before, and it makes it lighter.


The Intuos Pro tablet has many benefits to the tablet. The shape of the tablet is excellent, and the size is outstanding as well. It’s also using portable drawing tablet for artist.

It has a lot of space for people that have been complaining about the size of the older Wacom models.

You can also carry your tablet in a bag or luggage when you are travelling. There are many features of the Intuos Pro drawing tablet that are listed below:

  • Larger size It has a vast space for work that is made to accommodate several artistic styles that need a large area when doing illustration work. It is also slimmer and lighter for more portability.
  • Battery-free pen – The pressure sensitivity is level 8192 and it responses to pen-tips that tilts accordingly. It also has a stylish pen-stand to boot. The pen-tips wear out fast too.
  • Multi-touch support – There is an enjoyable experience when the user uses multi-touch support on the tablet compared to other tablets.
  • Express Keys –– With the special express keys, you can speed up the amount of work that you are doing. The availability of the express keys and other special functions make the drawing work easier. It also makes the drawings more
  • Accurate – no hassle with this particular function.
  • Bluetooth connectivity – There is no need for cables. This tablet connects via Bluetooth and allows a wireless experience. The USB-interface also has a secure wired connection. Using a wireless tablet is great to have, and a lovely experience. It is convenient, and it also looks more professional. However, if you have connectivity issues with Bluetooth, you can connect them with cables with desktop or laptop computers.
  • Inside the box – There is a Wacom tablet in the box, a pen stand, four pen rings, a sample card and a USB cable along with a starter guide.
What We Liked
  • This tablet offers a larger design, for users that want to use large fonts and work on larger projects.
  • The pen holder can also remove the pen-nib.
  • It supports Bluetooth, so there is no need for cables or wires.
  • The pen detects pressure, so there is extra accuracy of drawings.
  • The tablet is usable on both Mac and Windows.
  • The pen doesn’t pause when drawing.
  • It is slim, and it is easy to use for all your drawing needs.
What We Didn't Like
  • The pen-nibs tend to wear out fast due to the tablet’s sturdy surface.
  • Some people think that this model is too large for simple drawing projects.


The Wacom Intuos Pro model is also compatible with several platforms. This will make it easy to work on Windows and Mac programs. Artists who have used this tablet have stated that the Best Drawing Tablet for Mac has an excellent user experience. They want more, and this tablet gives them all.

They like the quality of the tablet, and most of them leave an excellent review on the tablet. It is also a proper graphics tablet for beginners and experts alike. This tablet is recommended to everyone that wants to start drawing. It is an excellent tablet for people of all professions and ages.

It is a great product that can make a difference in your work quality.

If you have ever bought an older Wacom tablet, getting a better version is going to make a big difference.

2019 HUION HS610 Drawing Tablet, Graphics Tablet with Battery-Free Stylus, 8192 Levels Pressure Sensitivity, Tilt Function, Touch Ring, 10×6.25inch Digital Art Tablet for Android Windows Mac 

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This tablet is meant for mid-range comic artists alike. If you want a beginner tablet, you will not need to look at this best drawing tablet for mac model.

This Hunion HS610 drawing tablet has been created to have a lot of space on the screen. This is because it has a large drawing surface that allows the user to draw a lot on the surface. Due to this, the user will feel comfortable and at home while drawing on the surface.


The tablet also feels real so that you can concentrate on drawing images that have different textures altogether.

The features of the tablet are so that the pen used by the person will not be slipping around the surface of the tablet and making unnecessary errors.

There is many customizable buttons and hotkeys for the user to play around with. All that has been added into the tablet to erase and perform other functions for the user’s convenience.

This tablet has been created for both left-handed people and right-handed people. It doesn’t matter which hand you are using, as the tablet is adjusted for either drawing side.

Tablet has a rechargeable pen, and it is meant for the user to feel at ease during the pen usage. It is also said to have more precision while using it as well as higher control.

There are also other accessories that come with the tablet. One of them is a black glove; another is a carrying bag. The black glove is also made for ease of usage and also emphasizes control of the drawing, and there is less tablet friction. The carrying bag is also to retain the tablet from damages and scrapes. In other words, Hunion H610 Tablet both accessories are used to keep the tablet in top shape.

Manufacturers also provide a one year warranty if anything goes wrong with the tablet.

What We Liked
  • Most users love the appearance and its feeling as it is very similar to sketching on a piece of paper.
  • This will make the drawing effortless. The experience will allow users to draw many different lines from thin lines to deep strokes.
  • The setup of the software is simple because it has been designed with a plug then play feature.
  • The pen does not operate on a battery, but it is rechargeable.
  • This tablet is not expensive and is relatively affordable.
What We Didn't Like
  • This tablet does not work with Photoshop software.
  • It is also not compatible with some of the other drawing software.
  • No drawing software comes along with the graphics tablet.
  • The driver interface is not easy to use for beginners.


Overall, this Huion tablet is a great tablet to purchase. It has received a lot of great reviews and is being recommended on the site who want a first best drawing tablet for mac.

If you are looking for another tablet with the same features, google for Top 5 tablets for newbies.

However, it is being recommended for people who are starting to wet their feet with digital designs, or those who have been designing for some time.

It also has lots of space on the tablet that allows the user to move freely with their designs.

Huion H420 USB Graphics Drawing Tablet Board Kit

If you enjoy gaming on a tablet, or you are just a newbie that wants to draw on a pencil or paper and want to use a graphics tablet to see how it feels like, this Huion 420 USB tablet is the one for you. It is perfect for beginners, and it provides excellent features compared to other tablets.

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It also has tilt and pressure sensitivity. There are many express keys and a larger working space available. It is also a meagre cost budget that will make it unlikely in regret on buying the model.

The Lowest Budget Tablet On The Market

This tablet, Huion H420 USB tablet kits and its older version, Huion 420, are the cheapest drawing tablets in the market. However, despite their low price, they still seem to deliver the best value at a price. The two tablets have the same level of pressure sensitivity.

This means the highest sensitivity levels that are in beginner graphic tablets. It is also the same pressure levels provided by Intuos Wacom tablets, which means that they are comparable.

The Huion H420 provides similar specifications as in Huion 420. It has three express keys, even if you don’t need an express key. Get an older version if you are not happy with three express keys. The tablet also does many everyday tasks like saving documents and switching the different tools.


What We Liked
  • One of the lowest budget tablets out there.
  • A great way to play OSU at a low price.
  • Compatible for IOS and Windows.
  • A great way to test out a graphics tablet if you never had one.
  • Compatible with Linux OS, but need a test run before using.
  • An excellent replacement for a mouse.
  • High-pressure sensitivity for a low-cost tablet
What We Didn't Like
  • The tablet is small and not big enough for large screens
  • The pen needs batteries to perform

Final Verdict

This tablet is excellent for newbies venturing to become comic artists; especially beginners. Make sure you know your requirements before making a purchase. I hope this article has helped you to clear your doubts on which tablet to purchase.