5 Best Amazon Prime Day Tablet Deals

It seems natural to find an affordable smaller sized Android tablet, but if you want a larger screen tablet for watching movies and getting some work done, you will need to spend more money for tablets such as Apple iPad or Asus ZenPad. The Lenovo Tab has a large display and long battery life, and we will be looking at the other specifications later.

The 5 Best Amazon Prime Day Tablet Deals

  • Lenovo Tab 4 10
  • Apple iPad
  • Amazon Fire 7 Tablet
  • Samsung SSD EVO 1TB

Lenovo Tab 4, 10.1″ Android Tablet, Quad-Core Processor, 1.4GHz, 2GB RAM, 32GB Storage, Slate Black, ZA2J0143US

The Lenovo Tab 4 10 has dull colors, but it is rather practical. It has a gray side as well as a soft dark-gray back that is easy for the user to hold. The tablet doesn’t have thick bezels, but they aren’t thin either.


The Tab 4 has a thin frame with a micro USB charging port, along with an audio jack and MicroSD card slot, allowing up to 16 GB of external storage.


This tablet has a 1280×800 screen, which is great for movie watching or playing games. However, it doesn’t have colors that you will find on high-end tablets. When watching a trailer on Captain America, the red and blue on Captain’s America seemed striking, but it seemed the overall picture was a bit dull.

However, it has a low-resolution display, so the panel manages to inhibit finer details, along with the stubble on Bruce’s face. The texture of the remaining picture was sharp and striking.

According to the colorimeter, the Tab 4 screen shoots out an SRGB color gamut of 87 percent. The number is lower than the premium Apple iPad and Asus ZenPad. Tab 4 8’s produces a similar level of range, while the Fire HD 8’s display is not so colorful.

Tab 4 does not possess the highest brightness compared to other tablets, but the screen is to be used for indoor usage. Which means more Netflix and Youtube compared to outdoor work. The panel can be used under the sunlight, but the colors are dull under these conditions. The other tablets like iPad, ZenPad, or Fire HD 8 have higher colors under similar circumstances.


Lenovo Tab 4 has great speakers for watching videos or playing games. However, if you want more transparent, crisp audio output, you might want to use headphones. When I listened to the “Sound of Silence,” the audio was lifeless, but it wasn’t that distorted up to a point where you couldn’t hear the music properly. The max volume could fill the entire room.

There is a Dolby app preinstalled in the device so you can choose and customize your sound profile to your liking. There are features like the level of volume or a dialogue enhancer. None of these settings affected the audio output; however, once I disabled Dolby, the sound turned hollow.


With its Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and its 2GB RAM, Tab 4 has lots of power for going online, checking Facebook and playing games. When I started playing a game Injustice 2, there were mild stutters, but the game was still playable.

Tablet Interface With Software

The Tab 4 10 runs on Nougat software with a light Lenovo skin. I appreciated the split screen capability since I can view two applications side by side in landscape mode.  Rather than re-inventing a new device by itself, Lenovo loads its tablet with Google’s Gboard keyboard that offers the user some excellent typing experience.

I was able to feel a pleasant response while tying.

Find the best best amazon prime day tablet deals

In the keyboard menu, the vibration can be either be turned up or down. The standard navigation buttons also provide easy user access.

Battery Life

With the Tab 4. You can leave the charger at home. Lenovo’s slate lasts almost 12 hours with one charge, which is significantly higher compared to other tablets.


Most people don’t buy tablets to take photos, but if you need to snap some pictures with Lenovo Tab 4, this tablet won’t disappoint you if you are a student of medical school. There are photos like outside scenery which was pretty sharp, although photos in the house needed to be adjusted for brightness during shooting. Both indoor and outdoor images looked vibrant.


Lenovo has some accessories tailor-made for the tablet, and it has a keyboard casing and an Alexa speaker with apps that show you weather and music on the front panel.


Lenovo Tab 4 is amongst the best tablets that are cheap with long battery life. It also has a great display of Apple’s tablet-friendly apps. If you want a pure tablet, but this one, it is worth it without regrets.

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Samsung SSD 860 EVO 1TB 2.5 Inch SATA III Internal SSD (MZ-76E1T0B/AM)

Today we are looking at the new EVO tablet to see how Samsung has improved on being the world’s top-selling SSD. We also need to compare

this tablet to a long list of annoying competitors that managed to land the new series into the market.

Samsung’s EVO series is also well known in other countries, as it can outsell every additional SDD in the country. Samsung also wants to use the new proven formula with the new EVO so it can cling to its top-selling position. It is also at its peak as the most advantageous position. Samsung has to change the pricing every time a new competition marches in, and it is very competitive.

The company also gets ready to launch a faster model when other models begin stomping into the market.

Samsung’s V-NAND technology also is at a disadvantage now that other companies are manufacturing 3D NAND in excess. Samsung has made some new improvements with the fourth generation NAND, as the other companies have closed the gap. The hard limit of SATA is a factor, so it means that this model takes extra effort to stand out amongst the competition when competing for performance.

Samsung also has impressive new sales numbers, but the price is not favorable.

The 860 EVO series comes to market with a 256 GB to 4 TB capacity as recently tested. The EVO series uses (TLC) flash but reserves its NAND capacity for other purposes. It also helps compensate for TLC other performances.

The 860 EVO also come in different factors. Samsung and Mushkin are the other two SSD manufacturers that have new mSATA SSDs in recent years, so the EVO has also shifted focus on their mSATA SSD. However, now the technology has evolved, and now the latest technology has been focusing on M.2 SSD, meaning now mSATA is out of the market. EVO needs to fasten its pace in order not to get outdated in the industry.

On paper, the 860 EVO only has a slight variation compared from 850 series or the new 869 Pro, but most of the features are measured with high queue workloads, which are meant for better products. Consumer workloads are also occurring at lower rates.

Samsung lists performance specifications for each 860 EVO capacity point. There are 520 MBs of reading throughput. However, one will need to push the drive very hard with high multi-tasking to reach these heights.

Samsung’s advantage in the market is the ability to deliver higher working performance. This has erupted before the 3D flash, but it blew up when the company rolls out V-NAND. The most troubling thing to other SSD companies is that Samsung kept revising their V-NAND processor making the competitors hard to pinpoint which processors that they are going through. It also means that they can’t know the latest processor until the tablet is launched in the market, giving Samsung an edge over each competitor. V-NAND is now in the fourth-generation, and Samsung has started to raise performance and endurance while reducing the usage of power. A big step to thump down all of their competitors.


Samsung has fitted 860 series with a MIIX controller that supports DDR4 memory. It also has a new memory controller integrated into it. There is also smaller lithography that the company built the JMX controller on to enable lower power consumption with other manufacturing costs.

Samsung claims that its latest 4th Gen V-NAND that has more energy efficient, which is better than its older model. Samsung managed to do

this by reducing the input voltage from 3.3. Volts to 2.5 volts. IT also reduced the program time, making it faster than its previous model.

Software and Accessories

We were able to test the latest version of the Magician Software that Samsung currently created, now that the drives are already on sale. The software allows the user to test the drive. In some instances, you can also delete all data that is personal and confidential from the erase app in the operating system. The new 860 series from China now support this software. There is also a mode called Rapid Mode that increases the working performance of the tablet and reduces wear and tear of the tablet.


The EVO tablet looks exactly like its older version. However, there are more colors available now. There is a dark gray theme other than the black item. The outside of the tablet is essential, but Samsung doesn’t need to change its color scheme. The EVO series comes with a whole bang making it one of the most versatile tablets in the market.