Does A Stylus Work On Every Single Tablet Device

Today we will be looking at how each tablet has its Stylus. As mentioned before, not every tablet uses the same Stylus. So the answer is a definite, NO. Today we will be looking at each pill and the Stylus they use respectively.


The Best Stylus For Artists

No artist has the same requirements, and it all depends on your preference on what type of Stylus you want to use on a tablet. Some stylus comes with Stylus that can be interchangeable so that the quality of Stylus varies. However, other Stylus have a type of size that can mimic all other Stylus in the market.


Apple Pencil

The original Apple Pencil hit the market as a stylus for the iPad, and it only hit the market at the end of 2015. There is also a new standard for this Stylus. However, Apple has not been satisfied with its current status and launched an original Pencil along with a new iPad Pro last year. However, the Apple Pencil is similar to its previous generation, using the iPad Pro’s pressure sensitivity to produce fine lines whenever its strokes on the iPad screen. The side of the Pencil tip will produce shades, and the tip also has an excellent point to it. In other words, it’s a great stylus, which you can clip on the side of the iPad Pro and charge via the holder, instead of the horrible charging method of the predecessor Pencil.


However, before you go directly to the store to buy a Pencil, make sure that you have an Ipad that can function with the latest Pencil. The second gen Pencil only works with the newest

iPad, like the most recent 2018 iPad model if you are looking for other iPad that is compatible with the latest Pencil, as the versions before 2018 release, you will need to stick with the first gen Apple Pencil.


Adobe Ink and Slide

If you have ever invested in Adobe apps before, this Adobe stylus might be the perfect tools for you. The Ink and Slide connect to any iPad version via Bluetooth. It is also linked to Creative Cloud, so every drawing uploaded to Creative Cloud will be stored, and it will also be accessible through any device via wi-fi. If you want to draw on Creative Cloud and later access it on an office computer, you may do so. It also works well with Photoshop apps.

The Adobe Stylus has a fine-tip pressure point that feels like a normal pen in your hand. The Stylus uses Pixelpoint technology for greater drawing accuracy. A status LED that is integrated onto the Stylus also shows you what color you have handpicked for your drawing so that you don’t make any small mistakes while drawing. The slide ruler is used to create lines and other shapes. Although it is an expensive stylus, the Adobe stylus comes with a USB charger and carrying case, and it is the perfect pick for people that are seriously into Adobe products.


The Friendly Swede Stylus

This Stylus can adapt to any condition that an artist needs, and it comes with four different tips – Paintbrush tip, fiber tip, precision disc tip, and a regular ballpoint pen. The brush tip is just like using a true paintbrush, which makes it ideal for painting, but it doesn’t work on a fine-line drawing. Luckily, you can always change the tip if you need to use it for different pictures. For more regular stylus usage, you can switch to the fiber tip. Finally, using a ballpoint pen tip is also incredibly useful.

It comes with a finishing look of aluminum, which looks like an ordinary pen, and it is an addition to any pencil case, or you pop them into the pocket. Each of the tips is interchangeable, and there are also replacement nibs that come along with the Stylus itself.  Unfortunately, the pressure sensitivity is not achievable or comparable to another high-end stylus. However, with this price, you can hardly go wrong.




It depends on what type of Stylus you are looking for, a 4-in-one stylus, or perhaps a cheap stylus that you can use as a replacement to the original one. If you can afford a good one, grab one within budget. Overall, it is an excellent thing to survey before getting one.