Gaomon Pd1560 Review – (2022 Best Arm Stand Tablet)

High-quality products always give you the best services. The Gaomon Pd1560 is one of the best drawing tablets that are not only suitable for beginners, but also professionals.

It is broadly used in photo editing, sketching, digital drawing, manga, animation, and so on. You can create your imagination the way you think. It works with most online meeting programs, like Zoom, and so on. Therefore, you can take a class or attend class using this device. It comes with versatile features to make your work easier.

Is Gaomon Pd1560 Review Worth To You?

This article came with all the details of the product. We have examined all the reviews of the product and then made a final Gaomon Pd1560 Review for you. 

Gaomon Pd1560 Review - The Best Arm Stand Tablet


Generally speaking, I quite like what this tablet can provide at its current price. It has a drawing area that is pretty large along with a 4K HD resolution. This is fine while some artists prefer more. The pressure sensitivity is pretty good too, although this is not that important.

Having lots of hotkeys on the tablet is something GAOMON PD1560 Review has that a lot of Cintiq touch tablet alternatives do not have. So thumbs up to the tablet for having the unique feature.

GAOMON PD1560 15.6 Inches 8192 Levels Pen Display with Arm Stand 1920 x 1080 HD Tablet

The Gaomon PD1560 is a model for serious artists. If you love drawing then this model is the most suitable device for you. Featuring a full HD screen, the PD1560 gives you the most realistic digital drawing experience possible.

A large display area, custom short keys, and an ergonomic design provide a familiar experience for those who have used these tablets in the past.

Key Features

  • Use PD1560 pen display for online education and remote meeting
  • Works with most online meeting programs, like Zoom, and so on
  • Suitable for professionalisms for digital drawing, sketching, graphics design, 3D artwork, animation, and so on
  • broadly used in annotating and signing files in excel, word, pdf, ppt, etc
  • 10 shortcut keys are customizable
  • 8192 levels pen pressure gives you better control of lines
  • About 2 hours to 2.5 hours for a full charge of pen lasts 350hours work
  • Comes with a pen holder and 8 nibs
  • Nibs are inside the pen holder
  • High quality IPS full HD screen
  • To protect the surface screen, also providing paper-like drawing experience
  • Comes with an adjustable stand
  • Compatible with most major drawing software
  • Works great Photoshop, Paint Tool SAI 2, Clip Studio Paint, Illustrator, SketchBook Pro, MediBang Paint Pro, etc.
  • It has a 1-year warranty

Product Specs

  • Brand- GAOMON
  • Item Weight- 1.58 Kilograms
  • Package Dimensions- ‎21.65 x 13.39 x 4.84 inches
  • Connectivity Technology- USB, HDMI
  • Screen Resolution- 1920 x 1080
  • Batteries- ‎1 Lithium-ion battery required
What We Liked
  • High-end features at a mid-range price
  • Display on the drawing area creates a realistic drawing experience
  • Can create accurate, precise lines
  • Multiple, customized short keys
  • The device is lightweight and easily portable
  • Backed by a 1-year warranty
What We Didn't Like
  • Pen is rechargeable

Things To Consider Before Buying The Gaomon Pd1560 Graphics Tablet

It is not able to have older versions that will give you less option to deal with if you have driver issues that one can encounter. Whatever the problem is, make sure to uninstall any old graphics tablet driver that has previously been installed on the computer.

Express keys and menus buttons

The Gaomon Pd1560 is an outstanding device. It comes with 10 express keys and 5 menus buttons. All the express keys are keys available to be customized according to your own creative habits, it can make the operation more efficient, and save your precious time.

In a very short time, you can draw your imagination and give a real image through this device. It is very effective to complete any task as well. Besides the express keys, the menus button are also effective. They are placed on the left side of the display and they are AUTO / + / – / MENU / POWER.


This high-quality device works great and you will feel comfortable working in the device. An advanced unit product that offers one feature most digital artists love. This model comes with a large 13.5” x 7.6” drawing area and features a full HD screen with a crisp resolution of 1920 x 1080. You will be able to see every line and stroke you draw in real-time right on the tablet drawing surface.

This is about as close as you can get to drawing or painting on paper or canvas. This unit allows you to work on your creations without constantly having to look up at your monitor. It is like being able to take your pen and start drawing accurately on your PC monitor.

The 178° viewing angle ensures that you can see your drawing from a variety of different positions. It also comes with an adjustable stand so that you can choose a comfortable position for drawing without compromising on your view.

The included stylus pen offers 8192 levels of pressure and also has left-hand support. The high-pressure levels allow for more precise and accurate movement for smoother, natural lines. Nibs are stored in the pen holder for your convenience and easy access.

This model comes with a rechargeable pen so you need to recharge the pen from time to time. To fully recharge the pen takes 2-2.5 hours. You will get working buttons on the pen for your convenience.

This model is a high-quality product because of its resolution of 5080 LPI as well as a report rate of 233 PPS. Quick, accurate response times allow for more natural and smooth movements for crisper lines and better overall creations.

Software Programs

This model is very effective for software programs. It works with the most creative software programs. You will love to use the device and can do your task using the programs. the software programs are:

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • SketchBook Pro
  • MediBang Paint Pro
  • SAI 2

Before using the program, you need to make sure that you have plugged the tablet in through USB as well as HDMI in order to get the display to work on the drawing surface. If you do not have an HDMI port on your computer, you will need to use an adapter, such as DVI to HDMI, AGV to HDMI, or Thunderbolt to HDMI. If you want, you can use a USB to HDMI adapter though the manufacturer does not recommend it. 

Included Accessories

It comes with various accessories to make the device user-friendly. All the accessories make your drawing experience a bridge. Besides the accessories, it included a protective bag, protective film, eight replacement nibs, and a two-finger glove. The instruments that come with the device are:

  • Adjustable stand
  • AC adapter
  • Rechargeable pen
  • USA STD adapter
  • 3-in-1 cable
  • Pen holder and pen charging cable

GAOMON PD1560 – Drawing Experience

GAOMON tablet has 8000 levels of pressure sensitivity which now is a common standard of most of the drawing tablets in the market. If the pen display that you currently have supports fewer levels of pressure, you don’t have to upgrade your tablet.

GAOMON PD1560 adjusting stand

During the drawing experience, you might likely encounter some parallax. For those that don’t know what a parallax means, it is the difference between the pen tip and the screen where you draw. It happens to places that have digitizers. Parallax is familiar to most pen displays. You will get used to it after using this model for a certain amount of time.

The Screen and Drawing Area

GAOMON PD1560 has a drawing area of 15.6 inches in size. The screen size makes the pen display a great option against Cintiq Pro 16. The screen size is comfortable to draw on. Until the invention of the next Cintiq Pro 16, the other tablets were always the wrong size to the artists. It is either too big or too small.

The screen size makes the Gaomon Pd1560 Review portable to most users. One can quickly draw on it and make a short review on it during travel time.

The monitor produces an HD resolution which is an excellent resolution to draw with. Some users prefer full HD resolution, but this is perfect for a beginner user or an average user if you are not fussy. There might be a possibility for GAOMON PD 1560 tablet to come up with better resolutions in the future.

Even if you are the kind of artist that is very particular with colors, this tablet still offers excellent colors. HDMI port is compatible with a lot of computers in the market too. If you have a Mac, there is a special HDMI adapter you can use, but this is not a big issue.

There is also a 3-in-2 cable connecting the tablet to the computer, but the cable clutter is quickly resolved.

The Mount Support Of The Stand

The stand of the GAOMON PD1560 allows the GAOMON to tile from 20 degrees to 80 degrees. However the position doesn’t support VESA mount, but most people prefer to pop them into their lap and draw from there. However, hanging it on the arm using braces is not that ideal, but some users prefer to use it that way on the hook.

Vast Array of Hot Keys To Use

On the side of GAOMON PD1560 Review, there are ten hotkeys, which eight are small and two are lower than the eight. You can customize these buttons to do critical combinations from the driver options. This would mean mouse clicks and display or executing other programs.

Screen and Drawing Area of GAOMON PD1560

It might be better if a touch ring came along with the hotkeys, but for the price of the tablet, certain things to go amiss are not strange.

Some artists do not use hotkeys at all; they usually use the wireless computer keyboard. Hotkeys make it easier to draw without using a second device, which makes the whole thing more flexible. You don’t need shortcuts when you bring it, as I put it in the lap and draw from there.

Gaomon pd1560 driver

The driver is similar to the Huion driver which is not a surprise at all. Many of the Cintiq alternatives use Huion tablet software. You can easily configure hotkeys in the driver, including hotkeys. Right-handed and left-handed people can both use the tablet.

GAOMON PD1560 Rechargeable Pen

From what I felt when I was writing this review, Gaomon provides the latest driver version that can be found on their home site, but no older versions. The reason is that sometimes using a more former driver can cause some technical errors to the tablet software.

While Wacom is infamous for creating driver problems, drivers for GAOMON do not have this issue, so technically you will not have to bother about this issue.

Tips For Installing GAOMON Driver

If this is your first pen display, it is better than you know a simple tip that can help you avoid some other problems. If you have another pen display driver installed in your pc, make sure that you uninstall all the old drivers before installing GAOMON driver. If you do not do this step, the drivers will clash, and there will be lots of problems arising from it.

Let’s check this video on how to install Gaomon Tablet

Final Verdict

Hope! You got all the necessary information on the device from the Gaomon Pd1560 Review. if you get knowledge about a product before purchasing it then you will be satisfied with using the product. Because you can purchase a product according to your needs and wants.

However, there are fewer driver issues with it. There are fewer hotkeys, but that is not important if you want a fully portable device to draw within the lap. Survey for the best tablet for drawing and get the best that suits you.

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