How To Choose A Graphics Tablet: 9 Points You Need To Follow

The graphics tablet is a device that consists of many functions.

With the help of those function, you can draw, paint, illustrate, airbrush and sculpt in 3d software etc., directly from the tablet in your computer without the help of mouse.

In the last article, we showed what is needed to know about buying a graphics tablet.

How To Choose A Graphics Tablet: 9 Perfect Point

How To Choose A Graphics Tablet

Here you will obtain information how to choose a graphics tablet. There are many graphics tablet. From them, you need to choose the best one for yourself. You may not know how to choose the right graphics tablet for yourself.

Here you will get an insight of high-class drawing tablets.

So, go and check the information given below. And it will help you a lot for sure.

Areas that are Active

The side of the device that you can draw on is called active area. For choosing a graphics tab this is very important.

Ergonomic Stand of cintiq 22hd touch pen display

Two factors are significant here.

Size of the computer screen and your drawing style. You have to know that your tablet is compatible with your computer. If you don’t do this then your money will go to waste. Another fact is you have to choose your tab according to your drawing style.

If you don’t do this then you will face many difficulties for this. All in all, this is a very important factor when it comes to choosing a graphics tablet.

Resolution of the Tab

Another important fact in choosing graphics tab is the resolution. The resolution of the tab is measured in line per inch, LPI.

best Wacom tablet

This is a way to measure printing resolution that uses halftone uses. It is a very important factor because your drawing will depend on it. If you don’t know of this fact, then you will face many problems.Your drawing will depend on this.

When you are choosing your tab in that case you have to be very conscious of this fact.

So the resolution of a tab is very important. If you are looking to buy a tab then you have to conscious of this.

Response Per Second(RPS)

Another important fact of choosing a graphics tablet is response per second (RPS). It is like how many times the touch device or the tablet notifies the computer per second.

The notification occurs when the pen or your hand is on the surface of the tablet. There are higher or faster and lower or slower response tablets. Higher response tablets create smoother lines.

But lower response tablets create jaggy or rough lines. If you are not aware of this then you won’t get your desired tab.

As a result, your money might get wasted. So, you obviously should choose tablet of the higher rate of response.

Quality of Stylus

Wacom Mobile Studio Pro 13 Core i7, 256GB tablet

The quality of stylus is very important. A stylus is a pen that you will draw with. The quality of the stylus has to be up to the mark as it will affect your drawing. If you buy a tab which doesn’t have a good stylus will affect your drawing.

A good stylus will affect you eventually. It is a must to have a good stylus. You have to keep in mind of the battery charge.

It is also very important for your drawing. So it is a very crucial factor. If you don’t want to waste your money then you have to keep it in mind.

Sensitivity to Pressure

In the previous heading, we have given information about stylus. Now, we are going to introduce you with something which is related to the stylus. It’s about the sensitivity of pressure.

pressure sensitivy

The pressure sensitivity is one of the most important things you need to consider before choosing a tablet. Pressure sensitivity plays an important part in getting organic lines while drawing characters. And this is done by determining the weight of lines. 8192 is ther perfect pressure sensitivity levels.

You can compare this with a painting brush.

Harder you press on the screen, the thicker the line becomes. Pressure level has variation. Thus, higher pressure level is the one with more sensitivity.


There is a large circular device (sometimes maybe two) on many tablets where you can slide your finger to rotate, zoom in, zoom out and pan etc. This increase tablets work capability. So, this is also an important part of any tablet.


There is no need to explain the importance of price for choosing a tablet. You should choose tablets with higher functions. But, the price of that tab should be under your afford.

Generally tablets with higher functions have a high price. But, day by day, the tablets are becoming available and their prices are decreasing. So, your affording problem will decrease gradually.

But now, drawing tablets that don’t cost that much have low-class functions and have limitations. So, think before you buy one.

Side Keys of the Device

Wacom Cintiq 13HD Review

Nowadays, most of the devices have side keys or buttons build in the device.

But, not all the device have good quality side keys. You should choose tablets regarding this matter. Some unknown brand may claim their device the best one.

But, often those devices may lose its efficiency day by day because side keys and some other functions don’t work properly. So, keep this factor in your mind.

Sensitivity of Tilt

This is one beneficiary aspect of a tablet. Not all the tablet have tilt sensitivity. Only some high performance tablet have this function. Tilt sensitivity has got another name called tilt recognition. Tilt the stylus and get thick or thin lines according to your need.

You can see a similarity between this and an airbrush. Paints get thicker or thinner due to the angle of paint spray.

This is how a stylus works. So, you need to be conscious of choosing a tablet for yourself.


This is it. Now, you have got a lot of information about how to choose a graphics tablet. You have also learned the limitations of drawing tablets. So, it’s up to you. Choose the best graphics tablet based on the above information.

Last of all, thank you for patiently reading up to last. We are proud to have you as a reader of this article. As this chain articles, we write the next content on which graphics tablet to choose to draw.