How To Make A Stylus For Drawing – 5 Easy Step

Nowadays, tablets have touch screens. This is the latest technology that allows you to interact with the screen with just finger movements. There is only one problem with the interface, which is fingerprints with cheesy fingers.

After eating food, messing with the screen can be undesirable. One way to solve this severe issue is to use a capacitive stylus.

Let’s check How to Make a Stylus for Drawing

How To Make A Stylus For Drawing ( 5 Simple Steps )

You don’t have to get an expensive drawing tablet pen in the market, but you can choose to make your own stylus out of everyday stuff. I am going to share with you a few of my favorite styles when making your DIY capacitive stylus.

5 Tips That Will Make You Influential In HOW TO MAKE A STYLUS FOR DRAWING

Step 1:  Background Data

There are different types of capacitive sensing. In general, they all work using some sensors to control the electrostatic field around the screen. When the finger has contact with the screen, it changes the electrical capacity of the screen portion.

This is detected as a change in the electric current in various locations. The microprocessor manages to capture and analyze the data. It then calculates the coordinates of the contact between the object or hand to the screen.

When using a stylus, there are similar principles applied. The only difference in the pen is a conductor to transfer electric current between the hand and the tablet screen.

To keep it functioning correctly, the DIY stylus must meet certain conditions.

A Conductive Surface:

The stylus must be able to create the electrical charge between the hand the screen. If the material is not electrically conducted and the distance between the side and the screen is too large, the signal that reaches the end of the screen will be too weak for any detection to take place.

In other words, the stylus needs to be able to have electricity conducted from hand to screen, other than that; it won’t work at all.

¼ Inch Wide:

When sifting through the data, the processor ignores areas that are significantly smaller than the tip of the human finger.

This will help avoid accidental activation, and this will help a stylus that is about a ¼ inch wide so that there will be a surface area large enough to carry about detection.

Having A Flat End:

The stylus needs a flat tip so the whole thing can be connected to the pen upon contact.

Smooth Surface:

This will make sure that the stylus doesn’t scratch the screen.

Following the criteria, there is also a wide array or collection of items that can be used to create a working stylus. Here are my top designs for a DIY pen that works.

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Step 2: Metal Pen Stylus

Many metal pens can be used as a stylus by merely using the back end of the knife. This is the easiest way to convert your metal fountain pen into a stylus.

Step 3: Battery Stylus

An AAA battery can also add as a stylus because it is made out of metal. However, making it more responsive by removing any insulating wrapping also makes it a great pen.

If you run out of materials, this method might work for you.

Step 4: Sponge Stylus

The most exciting material that you can’t imagine when igniting a capacitive screen is most probably a sponge. It is cheap, and it cleans your screen when you rub it consistently on the screen, like an eraser after drawing on the tablet.

This goes well for bringing tablets, not just the usual tablets like Samsung or Apple iPads.

Cut off a small strip of sponge and pinch the end of the sponge while twisting it until it has one inch sticking out. Make sure the sponge is deep and is in contact with metal housing. Trim the tip of the sponge and finish it up.

This makes the stylus more accurate.

Keep the sponge with some water so that it helps conduct the charge.

Step 5: Office Supply Stylus

Office supplies are too small or too large to be used as a stylus. However, metal office supplies also work as a stylus.

The best way to find out which pen works best is by experimenting one by one with the things in the office drawers.

Final Words

I think you will get answers How To Make A Stylus For Drawing Tablet.

These are the ways to get a stylus to work, without taking too much effort and time. Feel free to see what works on making your screen on the tablet functioning.