How To Play Baccarat, Learn In 5 Steps

Many people believe that it is exclusive to high-level players, probably in part because the famous agent 007 is seen in the James Bond movies betting huge amounts of money on this game.

For you to leave this myth behind and start enjoying Baccarat as it should be, we teach you How to Play Baccarat it in 5 steps.

1. The object of the game is for the hand to total 9 points or to get close to that amount. It is also important to remember that to win you need more luck than strategy, since it is usually played with between 6 and 9 decks, so the possibilities are almost endless.

2. In Baccarat they don’t give you cards, but you place your bet on whoever you think will receive the best hand: you can bet on “the player” (player), the bank (banker), or the tie (tie). In other words, if you bet on the bank and it is closer to 9 points than the player, you win the bet. The case is the same when you bet on the player. As the odds of a tie occurring are lower, the winnings on this bet are higher.

3. Unlike Blackjack, in this game the King, Queen, Jack and 10 are worth 0 points; the AS is worth 1 point and the cards from 2 to 9 are worth their respective number.

4. The third card is only delivered when the sum of the first two cards is far from 9. This applies to both the player and the bank.

5. When the sum of the cards exceeds two digits, only the last digit on the left is taken into account, following the dynamic that the tens are worth zero points. For example:

6 + 4 + 7 = 17= 7 points
5 + 8 = 13= 3 points
3 + 9 + R = 12= 2 points
5 + 2 + 8 = 15= 5 points
9 + 7 = 16= 6 points
eye! When a hand has one or two zero value cards (10, J, Q, R) and one 9 denomination card, it is called a “Natural” and this is usually the winning hand.

Very easy, right? It is time for you to start practicing and you can start placing your bets in our casino section at Strendus. It’s time to conquer the game.