Huion Inspiroy H640P Review [2022 Best Battery-Free Stylus]

A pen tablet is perfect for a beginner for drawing, animation, photo editing or design work in most programs including Adobe Photoshop, paint tool sai, illustrator, Corel draw, Corel painter, sketchbook, manga studio, clip studio paint, and more.

You can do your job comfortably with a high-quality pen tablet. Huion Inspiroy H640P is the best choice for you and it is easy to carry out and always ready for your creativity whenever and wherever.

Huion Inspiroy H640P Review allows you to know what outstanding features this device comes with. 

Whether you are doing this at a professional level or just for the fun of it, you will have a good time discovering how much you can create.

Huion Inspiroy H640P Review –  The Best Graphics Drawing Tablet with Battery-Free Stylus

Huion Inspiroy H640P


The Huion H640P is enough for retouching landscapes, drawing shadows, and lights on trees and stones. If you are a photographer, you can freely take this tablet, as it is quite enough to neutralize the shortcomings of the mouse-pointing device.

Its stylus without a battery can be regarded as an impressive zest. It will make your drawing easier and simpler. It comes with a versatile feature that helps you to complete your task simply.

Key Features

  • Ideal for online education
  • Comes with a stylus and H640P
  • Can edit handwriting, diagram, do the math, annotate on a virtual whiteboard in Zoom, Team, and Xsplit while streaming or broadcasting
  • Compatible with Word, PowerPoint OneNote, and more
  • Pen performance is accurate
  • Digital pen PW100 features 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity
  • 5080LPI pen resolution and virtually no lag
  • Battery-free pen, no need for charging anymore
  • The pen side buttons help you switch between pen and eraser or instantly
  • Comes with extra 8 pen nibs in the pen holder
  • Comes with 6 customized press keys
  • Works for both left and right-handed users
  • H640P art tablet is designed with slim and compact sized
  • The active area of 6.3×3.9inch offers perfect creative space for limited desktop areas

Product Specs

Model name Inspiron H640P
Tablet Size 260 x 147.7 x 8mm/10.23 x 5.8 x 0.3in
Working Area PC Mode: 160 x 100mm/Phone Mode: 62.5 x 100mm
Pen Pressure 8192 Levels
Weight 0.27 KG
Connectivity Micro USB
Report Rate ≧200pps
Resolution 5080LPI
Interface Support Micro USB
Power Voltage DC 5V
Pen Model Battery-free PW100
OS Support Windows 7 or later, macOS 10.12 or later Android 6.0 or later
Package Content 1x Pen Tablet, 1x Battery-free Pen, 1x Micro USB Cable, 1xPen Holder, 8 x Pen Nibs, OTG Adapter, Quick Start Guide
What We Liked
  • Battery-less pen
  • Programmable shortcut keys (on both tablet AND pen)
  • Little to no lag
  • Decent cord length
  • Pen stand with extra nibs
  • Crazy high-pressure levels at a crazy low price
What We Didn't Like
  • The cord could be longer (just personal preference)
  • Some programs do not work well with the pressure sensitivity


Before using the device perfectly, you need to set it to install some programs. The required Huion H640P driver and software can be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website. The installation process and setting up of the device is not very difficult. Firmware is available for both Windows and macOS.

The software of the unit allows you to configure the hotkeys for almost any action or keystroke. You need to set the pen to work with it. If you do not set the pen accurately, the pen will not work.

There are settings for the sensitivity of the pen (to pressure) adjusting, including non-linear mode. After you set up the pen, you need to test it to make sure whether it is working or not. You can test the pen in a special field that facilitates the setup process.

Install all the software that you need to complete your regular activities. The settings by default are installed according to Photoshop peculiarities. After installing the drivers and software, be sure to reboot the computer. Otherwise, the pen will not work correctly and you will face difficulties.

The setting up of this tablet is not much difficult but if you miss installing any of the necessary software, then it will not work properly. Make sure that you have done your job correctly without making any mistakes. 

Comfortable and portable

You may not like to do your job sitting in a specific place. You would like to move and want a beautiful environment to complete your drawing. For artists, it is very important to get a comfortable environment because a nice place allows them to draw their imagination accurately. If your device is not portable then you cannot move anywhere or it will be difficult for you to move. In that case, this device is a blessing because it is easy to move. 

It is comfortable and portable. Therefore, wherever you want to go, you can carry the device with you. Huion H640P is only 0.5 lbs in weight and 0.3 inches in thickness. Its slim and light design allows you to take it anywhere like a classroom, business trip, etc. With a 6x4inch perfect drawing area, it is perfect for limited desktop areas and gives more space to create.

About the device

It is important to know the features of the device so that you can make sure whether this device is suitable for you or not. If you get all your necessary features in the device, you can purchase it. The Huion H640P specs are enough to understand the capability level of the device, but the tablet can boast other peculiarities.

This model comes with the 233PPS data transfer rates, 5080LPI screen resolution, and 8192 levels of sensitivity to pen pressure allowing getting a professional level of drawing. With a simple movement, it can create a thinner line. 

Color is another important feature you need to look for. The colors are bright enough and the cursor does not skip even when the pen is lost from the tablet’s field of view. You need to connect the device to the computer via a USB cable. You should know that the wireless connection is not provided with the device. You need to purchase it separately. A stylus has a convenient shape, buttons are pressed easily without extra effort, the response is clear. The stand for the stylus is too light, which makes the stand tip over when the stylus is not set accurately.


The design gives you the ultimate comfort of using a device. The Huion Inspiroy H640P graphics-drawing tablet is a rectangular tablet with rounded corners. It has small decorative frames around the edges that give the device a certain resemblance to frameless smartphones. It is made of solid plastic and the case is matte for that reason it is thin and light.

It comes with 6 express keys that are divided into two groups on the left side of the device, and the main part of the case is occupied by the touch working area, the boundaries of which are indicated by small white dots.

You can work with the device comfortably because of the working size of the device and the size of the working area is 6.3 x 3.9 inches. There is a micro-USB connector for a PC switching on the left side of the tablet. The buttons are easy to use as they are conveniently situated, work clearly, and false clicks do not occur. As the surface is strong and made of high-quality material, it resists scratches. 

Others Features

The graphics drawing tablet is equipped with a non-rechargeable battery-free stylus so you will never need to worry about low charge.

Stop Wasting Time And Start HUION INSPIROY H640P REVIEW

It also comes with high sensitivity pen pressure that guarantees accuracy and precision, especially when using the tablet for animation.

The product of Shenzhen Huion Animation Technology Co Ltd requires 1 lithium-ion battery to operate. It is retailing at $49.99 on Amazon.

Huion Inspiroy h640p vs Wacom Intuos

With over 350 Amazon customers having done the Huion Inspiroy h640p review, a majority are impressed by the amazing price compared to the efficiency of the gadget.

This is in comparison to the popular Huion Inspiron vs Wacom tablets that are known to be highly-priced. The introduction of the fair-priced Huion Inspiroy 11k that actually has additional features like the shortcut buttons, has been well received by artists.

The price is particularly attractive for beginners who do not have much disposable income.

Why HUION INSPIROY H640P REVIEW Is The Only Skill You Really Need

Though the pen is initially hard to set up, as soon as the setup is complete it becomes very effective. The pen has over 8000 pressure sensitivity levels which are adjustable in the driver software allowing you to play around with various brush sizes on the fly.


The Huion h640p pen fits nicely into the hands and has a nice firm grip making it the best android tablet for drawing. It comes complete with a stand for the pen and for storage of the nibs.

Unlike the Wacom tablets, drawing tablets with wireless keyboards and programming them with this tablet is quite comfortable. Plus the area for drawing is big enough though the tablet is small because it is without the plastic borders that are common with Wacom tablets.

The Huion Inspiroyrated against the Wacom Intuos Pro performs very well with Photoshop with contented users admitting that everything is responsive. With some users reporting that Windows 10drags when using with the h640p thus slowing down productivity; it is nothing compared to the Wacom version which no longer has current drivers that can work well with Windows 10. Unlike with the Wacom which may not be up to date, the Huion h640p is newer so it has driver updates.

Who Needs The Huion Inspiroy h640p?

  • The Huion Drawing Tablet is the best choice for you as a new graphic artist. It will not only be within your budget but also easy to use.
  • The tablet is light and small so convenient to carry along for anyone and to any place.
  • If you are a bit clumsy, the Huion tablet can be a good fit for you, it doesn’t break down easily.
  • For an artist in need of total concentration without worrying about the batteries and constant charging, this is the tool for you.
  • There is no better way to learn animation than with a Huion tablet. Any novice will be an expert soon after constant practice.
  • If you are a full-time artist, the newer h640p will surely serve you longer. With longer driver support, added features and great programming, the product is just right.
  • For those who desire to work fast, the express keys will make things easy for you.

Final Words

Huion Inspiroy H640P Review demonstrates that this device is a good choice as it can be adjusted easily, has decent screen resolution, and level of sensitivity. Its battery-free stylus is a real helper that works flawlessly. You can easily download all the necessary software.

It all starts by plugging into the PC, then installing the software which should walk you through the calibration process until the tablet can respond to your gestures and handwriting.

Specify your settings using the control panel and you will be ready to get started.

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