Is The Microsoft Surface Pro ‘The One’ For Photo Editing

The heart of the image always portrays a different picture from what the viewer sees. It is a different thing the photographer has experienced from the photo shooting. People that do not realize the beauty of a black and white photo to dismiss it. This means overlooking the beauty of photos taken by famous people.

In a way, the arts of taking photos have led technology to advance to make even more beautiful images. The realization had hit me when I started to use new Surface Pro from Microsoft.

About a year ago, I wrote about a transition from using Windows after leaving Apple. It is not that I disliked Apple, but I realized that Microsoft was developing new technology for arts.

At first, I grabbed Dell XPS 13 to use for a laptop on travel. I liked it, but drawbacks were making me feel weren’t present on Apple product. I debated whether I should head back to Apple and abandon Microsoft. I was excited to have a peek at the latest MacBook Air that was going to be released soon.

I didn’t expect surprises, but one did smack me in the face. I was excited about the new product, but eventually I got what I had wished for. I visited the local showroom for more information on the product.

When I went to the showroom, the Microsoft salesmen showed me to the product. He told me that it could make a photographer’s life better. I responded by saying to him that his customer service was excellent user experience.

Two weeks later, I kept receiving feedback and emails. The emails were on the new mystery product that will soon be launched. The product was Surface Pro. It was the latest tablet in the series. This one was different from the rest, along with Microsoft and Surface Studio.

After preorder, the package came to my house, and it was the new Surface Pro with the stylus. There was a text that said: “We hope that this tablet will aid you in your photography work.” I picked up the note and stuck in on my laptop.

In my bag, I had the Surface Pro packed in it, and although it felt different. I already had an entire travel kit for a photoshoot.

Photography is always the leading factor that leads to creating images. Among these factors is the convenience of this model. The Surface Pro allows the ability to view and retouch images in ways that we can’t comprehend.

After that, we all met at Starbucks to take in sights and play with the cameras that we had. I brought my Canon camera along with the Surface Pro. I wanted to test if the Surface Pro could handle raw files that came from the sensor.

It was, and my good friend brought a model wearing a beautiful designer dress. We went to a beach near the city to take some pictures. The pictures taken would represent the Surface Pro and the Canon altogether. I hoped that the test runs would not be positive so that I could return the Surface Pro.

At this point, it hit me. We are in a new step in photography, one where photographers can go to the field without so much heavy gear. We packed up, and I sent my friend back to the airport. I was able to burn images and retouch skin while building final pieces. There was a lot of glare on the screen.

What Are The Pros of Surface Pro?

  • It has a light design.
  • It is the 7th Gen Intel Core Processor
  • Long battery life
  • Quiet fan cooling system

Cons of The Surface Pro

  • Increased cost
  • Bugs in the earlier models.
  • There is keyboard comfort for the user to type for a long duration.


For other photographers and me, the Surface Pro is what I envisioned what the iPad Pro would be. It is a portable way to take photos. The way it is set up does not let the mobile OS platform damages it. It is the first device I have come across that can replace my iPad Pro.

I use bulky devices for photography. Portable devices like Surface Pro is one of the reasons why I love photography. I wanted to thank Microsoft for reaching out to me and giving me a chance to use this product. Surface line of products has enormous potential for photographers. I look forward to seeing the next gen of Surface products.