Which Is The Best Tablet To For Animation

I will go through some tablets and state their pros, cons, and their unique features. This will include how they will fit into the workplace with animation. But first, let’s look at the basics of drawing tablets and how they benefit digital artists.

Selecting A Tablet: What We Should Look For

Anything that you are going to get should suit what you need. There is no “number one” tablet, but a pill that meets all your preferences compared to others.

Do you have skills or experience in working with digital art? Is this your first tablet? Did you practice animation in the past either as a hobbyist or a professional? Is this your first attempt in doing animation?

One of the most significant factor to think about is the price of the product. This will be your final decision as tablets aren’t cheap at all.


#5 Huion Kamvas GT 156HD

One of the best brands to consider as an alternative brand is Huion. They will create excellent products, and this model is perfect for digital animation.

The screen is about 2 feet wide, and it comes with a full HD resolution. This tablet is one of the best middle range display tablets that you have on the market. The screen takes up most of the tablet so you will get lots of space of drawing area.

On the side, you will get lots of hotkeys and express keys. There are about six express keys and D-pad style buttons, along with a touchpad. This is even better than the expert level Cintiq tablets.

The input cable is also col as it turns into three different ports on the cable, creating less cable clutter — definitely a plus with fewer wires everywhere.

The stylus is substantial because it uses the battery. The pen is rechargeable. Thus dont worry about the pen running out of power for at least one month of usage.

Bottom Line: This GT model is great. It has a large display and lots of express keys for a continuous workflow. If you want a large display area, this is the one you should get.


  • It has many express keys.
  • It has many connectivity ports.


  • It is bulky and not portable.
  • The stylus is heavy.

#4 Ranking

XP-Pen Artist 10S

There is another excellent display tablet for animation. We will be drawing up a detailed review of this tablet and the unique design quality.

This tablet is light, and it is using an HD 1200×800 resolution. It has no battery in the stylus, making it free weight, and it comes with buttons that help you with your drawing.

This tablet has a bright display with six hotkeys. Either right-handed people or left-handed people can use the tablet. Any other stuff goes through USB cables.

The screen is bright, but when you dim the brightness level, it can be quite glaring. The drawing surface is supposed to make the glare less. You will still get a bit of glare depending on the lighting. The pixel quality is also, and it has a smooth drawing experience.

But, the cables are super thick so if you feel like you are getting cable clutter- you ARE getting cable clutter. You will need a lot of space if you are using the tablet and the computer at the same time.

The size and the design that comes along with the tablet is excellent for its portability. If you are an artist hunting for a smaller display tablet, this would be a great choice.

Bottom Line: This is a small display tablet, but it performs pretty well. It has a light battery-free stylus, hotkeys and a few free cleaning tools that come along. It is an excellent buy for artists that need to work on smaller screens.


  • It has no battery in the stylus
  • It has six customizable hotkeys
  • It has a sharp display that has a lovely finishing look
  • It has beautiful cleaning tools


  • It has chunky cables that eat up space
  • The setup is complicated
  • The screen can be quite glaring.

#Second Runner Up:

Pablo Coast10

We were testing this tablet, and the review that came along with it makes it great for animation. The Parblo model tablet is not much bigger than the rest, but it comes packed with a lot of features.

It is a smaller version of a tablet, and it also has a thicker build. It feels sturdy to hold while you are drawing. This makes this model an excellent choice for bringing on your lap or on the couch.

This tablet can be powered up through USB, and it works well as a portable device. The display size is significant so that the artist can doodle on it. The drawing surface is shaped like a box instead of a rectangle. Some artists prefer this shape while others don’t.

The resolution is HD display but makes sure that your computer can match it. This makes it possible to calibrate differently.

The default Parblo pen has no battery in it, and it is light. There is a small right-click button that is inbuilt, so you don’t need a mouse in it at all. The Coast10 unit has a smaller space to keep the pen in store when it is not in use.

While drawing the taps and curves are registered almost immediately. There is no delay in the process, and the marks are super clean.

One bad part is the installation process. The software has to be put into place. Once the software is calibrated with the tablet, all the things are beautiful.

Bottom line: This display tablet is excellent for artists and illustrators. It is easy to carry and light as well and is only powered by USB.


  • It has a huge screen that can be tilted for the desired angle.
  • It has high accuracy for the screen.
  • It is light, and the pen has no battery.
  • It comes with a lot of extra stuff like a glove and screen protector.


  • Manual guides are tough to read.
  • No factory warranty
  • There are no specific hotkeys available.

First Runner Up

Wacom Cintiq 13HD

This tablet feels great for professional animation. It is a trusted brand with high-quality hardware and a full HD display.

It is rather expensive.

One of the main reasons to get Cintiq is its weight. It is lighter than most tablets and is more portable.

The display measurements are like the other display tablets. The physical design of the Cintiq is also superior, and that’s why people prefer Wacom.

The Cintiq 13HD has less express keys compared to other tablets. The difference is that the Editor’s Pick of the best tablet has seven hotkeys, so two missings are no big deal. It is still worth taking note of.

The tablet comes with a Wacom pen that can support tilts in all directions. It can still produce drawings on the drawing area.

The stylus is also, and in the box, it comes with lots of replacement nibs. Wacom has its hardware and software in the top field.

Bottom Line: This expensive tablet has no drawbacks except the price. If not for the price, it would be in the top spot.

Editor’s Choice

Article D13

This display tablet only has a thickness of half an inch. It has seven express keys and a battery-free en that is the best type of stylus for all tablets.

It is powered by USB, so it doesn’t need cables connecting it to the laptop or desktop pc. But it requires to be connected to power with a single USB cable. This will cause less wire clutter.

The battery-free stylus is excellent. It comes with a portable casing to keep it handy wherever you go.

The screen is bright with a full HD display. It doesn’t run hot at all, and you can claim warranty if the tablet heats up or becomes defective.

The package comes with a stand and screen protector.

The display is small by 1.3 feet by 0.8 feet tall. It is a small screen that punches a pack for animators that need to focus on one panel at one time. This will make the unit easy to carry wherever you go.


  • The installation process is straightforward and simple
  • Antiglare screen for clear vision.
  • A stylus without battery.
  • USB 3.0 or HDMI connection with an adjustable stand.


  • Doesn’t work on open source software.
  • There is no pen eraser.
  • With the Mac system, there might need extra programs.


Everyone has their personal preferences and requirements. Some artists want portable tablets, or lighter stylus, or less cable clutter. Some bring around the place drawing as they go, while some only do their drawing at home.

The best pick is Article D13 because it is small, portable and powerful. It is also cheaper than a Cintiq, so it would be great for an artist that doesn’t have much money to cough up on a new tablet.

There are other options if you google about. For now, the editor’s pick goes to Article D13.